Wintec Sliding Door

Wintec Sliding Door
  • Low rail to sill design allows for stronger glass support
  • Rounded interlocks reduce curtains and blinds catching and overall damage
  • Hollow sill with built in sill baffle for better water, air and acoustic properties
  • Various sill types available:
    • Non-water rated low profile wheelchair
    • 150PA rated Nursing home
    • 450PA sill, suited for commercial use with or without sub sills
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Sill Types

300 Pascal rated sill (Water Penetration Resistance Pressure), 450 Pascal rated sill (Water Penetration Resistance Pressure), 600 Pascal Sub Sill combination rated sill (Water Penetration Resistance Pressure), Low profile 150 Pascal rated sill (Water Penetration Resistance Pressure) and non-rated Wheelchair sill (1:8 maximum gradient that complies with AS1428)

Mullion & Interlocks

Available in Standard duty – 10000 Pascal serviceability, Heavy duty – 2299 Pascal serviceability and REgion D – Cyclonic Rating.


Hollow sections including Mullions and Stiles give added strength and security. Large doors are fitted with heavy duty double rollers. A commercial lock stile is available for architectural hardware applications


No unfinished or exposed edges. Rounded Interlocks look better than conventional “T” types and are less likely to catch on furnishings.

Addition Benefits

With a maximum door height of 2700mm, the Low profile sill is available for Disabled access and/or Nursing home applications. The Sliding door can be coupled to other Wintec products.


Insect / Security screens available as well as Double Glazing with an 18mm pocket.