Louvre Windows

Breezway Altair Louvre Windows are the energy efficient window option for bringing natural light and fresh air into sustainable building designs. With blades that open close to horizontal, Altair Louvres allow fresh air to naturally reduce the indoor temperature of the building, refreshing building occupants and reducing the need for power hungry air conditioning systems.

When closed, Altair Louvres seal tight to provide superior wind and water performance and offer a range of glazing options to suit Australian climates.


Features include:

  • Open twice as wide as other window types to provide natural light and ventilation.
  • Manufactured from non-corrosive materials for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Cyclone rated for wind and water to ensure superior performance.
  • Tight sealing due to patented ‘living hinge’ and drainage channel design.
  • WERS energy rated to suit various climates.
  • Improved security available with optional keylock, security bar or screens.
  • Award-winning Altair Powerlouvre Window available with concealed motors.
  • Apptivate Control Unit allows Powerlouvre Windows to be controlled by a touch sensitive wall switch, remote control via the Powerlouvre App or automatic response to temperature and timer events.
  • Stronghold System provides added strength and safety to comply with Fall Prevention requirements.
  • Tested in accordance with AS2047 ‘Windows in Buildings’.
  • Warranted up to seven (7) years.

Altair Louvre Windows are fully customisable including:

  • Choice of window frames including the Easyscreen Window System for external screening, the Innoscreen Window System for internal screening and the SL2 Window System for applications into narrow fittings.
  • Available with aluminium, glass or timber blades.
  • Colour matched window clips and handles.
  • Variety of handle types and positions available.
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