Wintec Awning & Casement Window

Wintec Awning & Casement Window
  • Rounded hollow design increases strength, aesthetics and the ease of cleaning
  • Chain winder and friction stay compatible for awning and casement window configurations
  • Double Q’Ion seals improve energy, weather and acoustic performance
  • Miltred Sash
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The Awning Window is a top hung system. The Casement Window is a side hung system. The frame width of this system is 48.2mm. Hollow sections including Mullions & Stiles give added strength and security. This system has a 1000 Pascal structural rating on a 1500mm high x 1200mm wide Awning.


The Wintec Awning Windows will achieve a minimum water penetration resistance pressure of 300 Pascals.


With an easy clean sill design, window cleaning is safer with rounded edges.


This system has no unfinished or exposed edges. All rails and stiles are rounded

Additional Benefits

The Wintec Awning Window can commodate Friction Stays or Top Hung system and chain winder Multiple bays can be added using a standard mullion.


Insect/Security screens available as well as Double Glazing up to an 18mm pocket.