Auto Ingress LS200 Auto Door

Auto Ingress LS200 Auto Door
  • Designed to suit heavy duty applications
  • The latest Microcomputer technology
  • Stainless steel track
  • Steel reinforced belt
  • Electric Motor Locking
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Motor & Gearbox

Designed to suit heavy duty applications, this model can operate up to 110kg per leaf in a wide range of applications. This unit is ideal for supermarkets, office buildings and retail shops. Incorporating an integral hall effect counter, this motor and gearbox provides perfect door positioning and whisper quiet operation.

Intelligent Controller

Using the latest Microcomputer technology we provide safe and intelligent control
of the doors at all times. The Microcomputer accurately monitors every movement of
the door and can also provide automatic compensation based on climatic conditions such as wind loads and normal wear.

The Microcomputer has an inbuilt, self monitored and recalibrating feature to always reprogram itself back to it’s peak performance settings. The Auto Ingress door operators are manufactured utilising high quality componentry with a primary focus on providing cost effective, trouble free andongoing door opening solutions.


All operators come standard with a stainless steel track that is supported by a life time warranty.
No pitting, corroding or rough operation of aluminium tracks anymore as this stainless steel track sets new standards in smoothness of door operation.


A “H” section steel reinforced belt provides both whisper quiet operation and maximum security when coupled with electric motor locking.

Electric Motor Lock

Considered the bench mark for high security applications. Electric Motor Locking provides instant peace of mind knowing that regardless of door alignment the doors will lock providing instant security.

Pelmet Section

Aesthetically pleasing narrow pelmet sections coloured to suit your project.

Master Key Options

For maximum entry security.

Tailored opening Solutions

Tailored opening functions – Climate control/Courier mode reduced opening settings for better efficiency and security.

Quiet & Smooth

Vibration dampened – ensuring a quiet and smooth operation at all times.


Are fully monitored computerized microwave & infrared sensors with adjustable sensitivity, range and selectable zone detection pattern.

Battery Back up

Is supplied to maintain locking in the event of a power failure as well as to open the doors on an emergency signal when required.

Device Manager
  • Access control pad option
  • Large display
  • Self Diagnostic
  • User friendly

On Power failure the doors will open or operate normally by using the built in UPS as per AS 5007-2007.

  • 5 years motor & gearbox
  • 2 years parts
  • 12 months labour
  • Extended warranties on periodic maintenance